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CRAFT STARS – Craft Making Parties for Ages 4-12

Our Craft Stars party package offers a selection of crafty projects which utilise an extensive range of materials. These may be anything from acrylic paint and wood to fabric, beads, embellishments or yarn. You will notice that there is no upper age limit for any of the projects, as we can simply tailor the complexity of the tasks to each age group. Craft parties are a very popular choice for mixed groups as both boys and girls love crafting!


COST: £140 for up to 8 children, £15 for each additional guest

Create your own dreamcatcher ready to hang above your bed. Learn how to make pom poms and tassels. Use a mix of materials such as yarn, wooden embelishements, feathers and beads to design and create a truly beautiful and unique decoration. Would you like to theme the dreamcatcher? Simply chat to us 🙂 The difficulty of the project will be tailored to the age group of the crafters, however the recommended minimum age is 7. The activity takes 90-120 minutes depending on the age group and the skills of the crafters.



COST: £148 for up to 8 children, £16 for each additional guest

If you are looking for a crafty party which is fun, but also allows the kids to create something which is long lasting and beautiful, then this party option could be the perfect choice. All children decorate and personalise a freestanding, 20cm wooden shape, which can then be displayed at home. We fill the table with a wide selection of stunning decorative materials including ribbons, buttons, resin embelishments, vinyl decals, glitter glues and many more. We finish the party by designing and creating a super cute bag charm/keyring adored with vinyl decals and beads. This party option is perfect from ages 6+ and the difficulty of the tasks can be easily tailored to all age groups which means that even teens would love it! The activities take approximately 90 minutes. We can offer a variety of wooden shapes to match the party theme and the crafters’ age.


COST: £116 for up to 8 children, £12 for each additional guest

Are you hosting a themed party and struggling to figure out the most suitable entertainment option? Or maybe you would simply prefer something more varied instead of one, large project? Let us suggest 2-3 mixed crafts to match the theme as well as the age of the crafters. We can accommodate any party theme from fairies and mermaids to gaming, football and Lego! Simply contact Crafty Vibes and let us work some crafty magic for you!



  • 90 – 120 minutes of assisted creative fun (depending on the chosen projects)
  • A huge selection of high quality materials
  • Personalised party bags ready to be filled with their completed designs
  • Themed, digital party invitation
  • A small gift for the birthday child
  • All you have to prepare is a table, chairs and food/drinks, and get ready to enjoy a hassle free celebration